Heather Powers

Body Image

Body Image is the way that an individual subjectively experiences their own physical body. It is impossible to gauge how someone feels about their body by looking at them. Some people who may appear attractive to outside observers experience their bodies as unattractive while others who may not fit into a stereotypical beauty mold may have very positive experiences with their bodies.

Overall, individuals who are comfortable with their physical form, as it currently is, are more likely to report healthy sex lives, high self esteem and positive social interactions. The goal in working toward a positive body image is to learn that bodies naturally come in many shapes and sizes and that fitness goals should be related to health and wellbeing, not to maintaining or obtaining a particular size or shape.

The "war on obesity" currently being waged in America, stigmatizes people based upon the shape of their body. This is wrong! You can not berate and belittle people into health, however you may push them into disordered eating.

Heather works with body image issues both in her workshops, research interests & her psychotherapy practice. She emphasizes health at any size & body acceptance. In addition to her body image activism, she is trained in the treatment and prevention of eating disorders.

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To request a workshop visit Sex Education (body image workshops can be requested without a sexual component).